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Gene Cordova has been providing Library programs for over 25 years.  His goal is to inspire kids to read through imaginative entertainment.


His show is fast paced and hilarious! Parents often comment that they loved the show as much as the kids.  Gene incorporates ventriloquism (with fun Muppet style puppets that kid’s love), comedy magic and wild balloon antics.  The unique way that Gene involves the audience in his performance is why he is a favorite presenter at libraries throughout the southeast. 


Gene Cordova learned the art of Ventriloquism in 1985.  Since then he has performed in 49 out of the 50 United States as well as Puerto Rico, Canada, Panama, the British West Indies.  In September of 2014 he was the headliner at the International Ventriloquist Convention in Tokyo Japan.  Gene has also performed for companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Alaska Airlines, Opryland Hotel and Convention Center, Carnival Cruise Lines, Macy's, Seattle Space Needle, Yahoo, and many more.

Some of the Cast (the paid employees)

Filbert the Duck says, "Readers are winners! If you're happy and you know it read a book.  If you're happy and you know it, then you're brain will really show it, if you're happy and you know it read a book!"


Tater the Gator says, "Eat ....I mean .. Read lots of Books! ~ Everyone enjoys a long tail ... I mean .. tale!"

Sydney the Shark says, " Why use a book-mark when you can use a book-shark?"

LiL Rex says, "Who are you calling Stinky?  Oh .. extinct, yeah .. read lots of books so you don't become extinct ... or stinky!"

Ollie the Donkey says, "When you read a book you can be anything .....  Like a Reindeer, or a war horse ... or a Reindeer, or a Kentucky Derby winner...  or a Reindeer!"

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